7 Things The PS5 Can Do That The Xbox Series X Can't

Between their comparable graphics chipsets, price tags, and ability to output beautiful 8K visuals, the latest premium gaming consoles seem fairly similar at a glance, but Sony designed a handful of key features into the PlayStation 5 that aren't anywhere to be found on the Xbox Series X. 

The differences between the most powerful PlayStation and Xbox to date go beyond their respective futuristic and boxy designs, as the PS5 sports exclusive games, ways to play, and immersive technologies that you can't experience with the Xbox Series X.

Although the Xbox Series X has its own unique perks, such as a mammoth library of backwards compatible games from the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox, a larger 1TB internal SSD for more storage, rich audio and visuals via Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and a handy Quick Resume feature to seamlessly jump between multiple games and apps, there are several key things a PS5 can do that an Xbox Series X can't

One significant difference between the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 is the PS5's ability to play immersive virtual reality games and experiences. Although PS5 owners will need to invest in a PlayStation VR2 kit for an additional $549.99, VR fans will appreciate its impressive 4K HDR visuals and precise motion controls, as well as its engaging haptic headset feedback, eye tracking, and 3D stereo sound. Some must-try PS VR2 games include the terrifying "Resident Evil Village," the spine-chilling "Jurassic World Aftermath Collection," and the captivating puzzle title "Tetris Effect: Connected."

If you are interested in enjoying the best VR games on the market, already own a PS5, and don't want to spend the money needed for a quality VR-ready PC, a PS VR2 is a relatively affordable way to play. Unfortunately for Xbox Series X owners, it doesn't seem as though Xbox Game Studios has plans to incorporate VR gaming into the Xbox ecosystem in the foreseeable future.

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