20 Hidden PlayStation 5 Features That PS5 Owners Should Try

Whether you're one of the more than 17 million owners of PS5s that sold through 2021 (via NME) or if you're banking on snagging one of the dwindling amounts of PS5s expected to sell in 2022, you'll likely have gone through some longing and suffering before finally getting your hands on the coveted next-generation game console.

Once you finally do have it, you'll automatically be treated to 5x the graphics power and 2x the memory of the PS4, as well as much more memory bandwidth and data throughput. But everyone gets that. Not everyone goes the extra mile to unlock the time-saving, storage-saving, spoiler-muting tips and other advantages of the PS5's lesser-known features. 

When you take a little time to scratch a bit under the surface and take control of these settings, sub-menus, easy hardware mods, and other hidden features, you'll become a PS5 power user and enjoy the benefits for untold years before Sony even dares to think about a PS6

If you're one of the lucky few people who are firing up their new PS5 for the first time, you probably want to jump straight into the action right away. However, if you're willing to make a small investment of time into entering your PS5's Game Presets now, you'll save yourself some time down the line as you acquire more and more games. As IGN outlines, with Game Presets, rather than going through a mundane routine of choosing game settings every time you start a new title, you can set a number of global preferences for difficulty level, resolution, and others that will automatically apply to most PS5 games you install. There is no guarantee, however, that every PS5 game will recognize your Game Presets.

First, go to Settings > Save Data and Game/App Settings. From there, go to Game Presets, where you can determine settings for game difficulty level, first-person view/third-person view, camera movement, and the subtitles and audio language settings. You can also set a preset for using either Performance Mode, which prioritizes fast and smooth frame rates, or Resolution Mode, which prioritizes higher graphics quality.

Say your preferred TV for PS5 gaming is also the TV for the whole household. You may be voted down from blasting "Ghostwire: Tokyo" throughout the whole living room while everyone else looks on aghast. But you can still fight off the masked specters terrorizing the streets of Japan from the screen of a mobile device, computer, or other PS4/PS5 console using PS5's Remote Play.

After enabling Remote Play from the PS5's System Settings, you need to install the Remote Play software on your Windows/Mac computer or iOS/Android mobile device and follow the instructions to connect it to the PS5. You can also pair your PS5 DualSense controller to Windows and Mac computers or an iOS mobile device over Bluetooth. Keep in mind that the best Remote Play experience requires a fast internet connection. Sony says it can work with a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi with a speed of at least 5Mbps, but for a better session, you should have at least 15Mbps for your internet speed. For best results, the PS5 you're streaming from and the device you're streaming to should be connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable, if possible.

In Settings > System > Power Saving, you can set the amount of inactive time it takes to go into the power-saving Rest Mode (or set it to never go into Rest Mode at all). While in Rest Mode, the PS5 can still charge DualSense controllers, download games and updates, and install firmware updates while using less energy than normal. You can also turn off a DualSense controller to conserve its power by holding the PS button for 10 seconds, and you can set the PS5 to go into Rest Mode when the connected display shuts off.

Rest Mode can come in handy to keep energy consumption low while an update downloads, and it also makes console boot-up time faster. So, if you buy a lot of digital games, you can download those titles and their respective updates while your PS5 is in rest mode and everything will be ready to go when you sit down to play.

However, Rest Mode does come with a couple of caveats, according to GameSpot, including crashing the PS5 or deleting game saves.

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