Final Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer Has Secret Treats For Nintendo Fans

As if last month's release date change announcement wasn't exciting enough, Nintendo is back with the final trailer for its upcoming feature film "The Super Mario Bros. Movie." The arrival comes only a few months after the very first movie trailer was released by Nintendo in October 2022, but unlike that initial teaser, the final trailer packs a whole lot of hidden treats for the Nintendo fans among us to discover.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie" has been in the pipeline for years, but the wait is nearly over. Nintendo had originally intended to release the movie in theaters in December 2022 but had to push the date ahead to April 7, 2023, in many markets. 

A small adjustment happened in recent weeks, however, and Nintendo dialed the date back to April 5 — though some markets, including the company's home of Japan, will have to wait weeks longer than everyone else. The final trailer helps set the expectations for the movie, and there's no shortage of animated drama

The iconic Rainbow Road makes an appearance

The final trailer for "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" features all of the core cast members, including Chris Pratt in his controversial voice role as Mario. Browser — who is voiced by Jack Black — arguably takes center stage in this trailer as fans get to see him rallying troops. Charlie Day's Luigi and Anya Taylor-Joy's Princess Peach are also both featured fairly heavily in the trailer, as well.

Though this trailer isn't nearly as long as the first one, it does give fans a wider look at the animated Mushroom Kingdom and other various environments that'll be featured in the movie. There are a number of hidden Easter eggs and treats for those who played the games dating back to the original titles. Do you have fond memories of staying up late playing with friends on the Rainbow Road in "Mario Kart 64"? Based on the final trailer, you'll get to experience that environment in an entirely different way once "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" hits theaters.

The final trailer also offers up some solid hints about the movie's plot, showing Bowser and his troops (only some of which he knows by name) invading kingdoms far and wide. The Mushroom Kingdom ends up in Bowser's sights, but it seems Mario and his friends are more of a challenge than expected.

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